The recent deluge of antitrust bills in Congress and rulemakings at the Federal Trade Commission have kept policymakers busy as they review mergers — past and present — looking for anti-consumer outcomes. But what these regulators and bills often overlook are the consumer benefits accompanying new investment that can improve services and reinvigorate industries needing change and modernization.

The dynamism in our economy depends on companies and investors seeking investment opportunities that further innovation and growth through technology, the latest ideas, and new approaches. This pattern has only accelerated in the internet age, in which ubiquitous broadband and next-generation wireless technology are transforming everything — from the way we watch movies to how we drive.

Mergers and acquisitions often accelerate change and forward momentum in the industries. From airlines to agriculture to tech, mergers can lower prices, increase consumer options and provide industries the much-needed infusion of capital needed to strengthen and expand operations.

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InsideSources | by Steve Pociask