As chairman and CEO of the Chamber of the Americas, I proudly support our organization’s mission to facilitate trade and investment that strengthens local economies and fosters a spirit of harmony, social and economic justice in the international community, creating a society for the greater good of all humanity. But none of this is possible without well-informed citizens.

Over the past two decades, there have been rapid changes in the way we get our news. From the increased social media presence to the closing of local newspapers across the country, the preservation of local news sources is imperative. Now more than ever, the future of local broadcast journalism depends on new strategies and investments to keep the industry functional and afloat.

Standard General’s pending acquisition of Tegna broadcast stations will give the industry exactly the boost it needs. Standard General has outlined a vision for the future of local news driven by its investment and modernization strategy in broadcast stations across the county. Standard General’s experienced leadership team has pledged to employ a decentralized approach to station management and allow each station manager to tailor news programming to best serve the community it covers.

My work with the Hispanic community across the country and abroad has given me a front-row seat to the changing demographics of our society. Yet despite these changes, the broadcast industry is still lacking diverse representation at senior levels of leadership. Standard General’s CEO, Soo Kim, is a well-respected minority business leader who is committed to creating opportunities for minority communities and women leaders.

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Broadcasting & Cable | by Gil Cisneros